Dare To Dream Big

Dare To Dream Big

Everyone has a vision or a dream! If you don’t have a dream, it is only because you are yet to discover your true passion. Your true passion is your obsession. It is the greatest single clue to your true identity. Don’t develop any life long plans until you discover your true passion!

When you discover ‘your passion,’ the very thing you want to achieve, daydreaming will become a common pastime! Although it is often associated with laziness, daydreaming is one of the most productive things you can do with your time. To quote Lupita Nyong’o from her Oscar award winning speech, “your dreams are valid” – and indeed they are! Daydreaming allows you to step out of your present reality and ‘hang-out’ in your future. It is key to bringing about the deepest desires of your heart. Therefore, don’t be afraid to dream. More importantly, don’t be afraid to dream big! No dream is too big for you! This is because within you lay not only your own dreams and purpose but also eternity!


“God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT)

Eternity is the complete picture of God’s divine plan and will. The fact that God is able to place eternity in your heart shows that, like God, your ‘who-ness’ cannot be measured and is totally unfathomable. Therefore, give yourself permission to take the limits off yourself, and what you can achieve. If your ‘big dream’ is but a part of God’s plan, then nothing can prevail against you. When you seek to fulfilll your God-given vision, everything will work together for your good. You will achieve what others thought could not be achieved. That is why it is better to manifest vision rather than your own fantasies. Although we have the ability to manifest whatever our heart desires, if they are not in harmony with eternity, we will ultimately manifest that which works against us. Manifesting faith however, involves bringing about the ‘image’ or vision that God has already planted in your heart, which ultimately works towards your good and more importantly, the good of others. Whether that vision requires you to become an Oscar award-winning actor, the President of the United States, the owner of a multi-billion dollar media company, or the genius behind the next big technological revolution.

Therefore, manifesting your God-given vision is about discovering your ‘true passion’ and in turn, being true to your self. It comes with the understanding that:


Let there be light

The discovery of your God-given vision is key to releasing your potential. However, there is no vision without there first being light. In the Genesis account of creation, the command ‘let there be light’ was the very thing that set in motion the manifestation of the universe. As previously mentioned, the nature of light is to cause you to see, and give you vision. Discovering and manifesting your dream starts with seeing what God wants you to see. In order for that to happen, each of us must experience what I call a ‘let there be light’ moment. A ‘let there be light’ moment can come in the form of a revelation, an epiphany, an encounter, a visitation or any other ‘eye-opening’ experience. Unfortunately, sometimes we need to go through painful experiences in order to have our eyes opened. Experiences such as a divorce or a break up, loosing a job, a house, or even a friend can ultimately lead to you seeing opportunities that you would have otherwise ignored. In other cases, an eye-opening experience could simply be a matter of connecting with the right person. Whatever the case, we all need a ‘let there be light’ moment and most likely, several of them, in order to guide us on the path to destiny.

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